Thursday, March 17, 2011

Team Pink...Again!

I'm still in shock - we're having another girl! I was so convinced that Deuce was going to be a boy that it hardly feels real. I'm ecstatic for Abigail that she will grow up with a sister so close in age as that had always been something I'd yearned for as a child. Coincidentally, this means we practically have everything we'll need for the new baby; another WIN for our budget.

I don't recall whether I had posted about the previous agreement Mike and I had regarding the number of children we ultimately wanted. In case I haven't, the plan was that if our second child was a boy, we'd consider our family complete. If, however, our second child was another girl, we'd try a third, and last, time for a baby boy. Even though we've held this agreement since before Abigail was born, we've waivered back and forth on it since. However, we both feel that we do now ultimately want three children so it looks like we're not quite done yet! Who knows, we might just end up with 3 under 3. Yikes!

At my appointment, we were able to hear a healthy heartbeat of 144 bpm and Deuce (I promise we'll come up with a real name sometime soon) measured right on schedule. I do have to go back on March 30th for a repeat ultrasound, however, since the baby was in an awkward position and the tech couldn't get all of the proper measurements she needed.

Here are some 4D picutes from the scan:

And, since I haven't posted any belly pics since about 12 weeks, here's a recent one for good measure:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My New Look

Albeit, my new nerdy look.

I've somehow managed to get by with the same pair of glasses since my freshmen year of high school - 15 years ago! I didn't really wear them often as I always had a fresh pair of contacts available with an up-to-date prescription. Mike finally got me to break down, however, and spend the money on a new pair which, according to him, I desperately needed. (You're telling me there's something wrong with supergluing your frames back together? No, I'm not being facetious. I've really done this.)

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ahhh...Feeling Zen

After having my name on the waitlist for several months, I finally attended my first prenatal yoga class this past Thursday. The class is sponsored by the hospital I will be delivering at and is held each Thursday evening for a six week period.

I've never taken a single yoga class in my life, although I've always wanted to, so I had no idea what to expect going in. Let me tell you, I've been missing out!

Our class was small; kept to a maximum of 15 students at a time. The instructor was fantastic and extremely encouraging. Not only did she explain what we were doing each step of the way, but she also explained why each pose/movement was beneficial during pregnancy and labor. I feel as if I learned so much in only an hour!

I'll admit that I felt a bit sore for a few days afterward as I can't even begin to tell you the last time I actually stretched a single muscle in my body, but I feel fabulous now. It was so nice to get away sans toddler for a bit and concentrate solely on myself and the baby (who, by the way, Mike and I have nicknamed Deuce for the time being). It's been so long since I last worked out that I left feeling great about both myself and the pregnancy.

I'm greatly looking foward to my next class and can only hope that there will be room on the roster for me to sign up for the next six week session once this one ends.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Fun

Mike recently decided to buy Abigail her very first sled. Even though her snow suit and boots that we purchased for her this year are still ginormous on her (we plan to use them next year now instead), we somehow made it work in order to take her around the yard on one of our "warmer" snow days this season. She squealed with enjoyment the entire time!

The best part of all, which I wish I had been able to catch on camera, was when Louis decided that he wanted to help pull the sled. He pulled the rope right out of Mike's hands and took off running at full speed dragging poor Abbey behind him. Luckily, she didn't seem to mind.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Catching Up

Now that I'm firmly in the second trimester, I thought it's time to write a post dedicated to my pregnancy thus far and baby #2's progress.

To date, I'm now roughly 15 weeks pregnant. While I'm not feeling back to my old self quite yet, I have finally started to feel a tiny bit better. My energy is slowly starting to return and I find that I don't need to nap during Abigail's naptime any longer. I'm still sick off and on, but it's nothing like the crushing nausea I felt during the 1st trimester. I still can't eat much and have lost about 6 lbs. Since I was overweight when I became pregnant with Abbey and then held onto at least 10 lbs. from that pregnancy before finding out about #2, my OB isn't overly concerned yet. I've also been craving healthier foods this time such as vegetables (I've seriously eaten vegetable soup for lunch everyday this past month) and fruits rather than sweets like I did last time, so I'm sure that's playing a large role in my weight loss as well.

I was extremely bloated for the first three months, but that is slowly starting to reside and I've now got what appears to be more baby bump than fat. For comparison's sake, here are two photos of my "bump" that I've taken so far, the first taken at 8 weeks and the second at 12:

(I swear I don't wear purple everyday. It's just a coincidence. Really.)

I also had my NT Scan a few weeks back and, thank goodness, all looks great with the baby. I thought I'd share the latest ultrasound pictures, taken at 12w1d, since it's been about 6 weeks since my original ultrasound. It's amazing how much that little peanut changes in a month and a half!

My instincts are still telling me that this baby will be a boy. Mike refuses, once again, to believe me even though I was right with guessing Abigail's sex early on. I have my 16 week appointment scheduled for next Wednesday, however, and then the appointment after that will be our gender scan where I suppose we'll find out for certain. I can't wait to know so that I can give this baby a better nickname than simply #2. Poor kid.

Oh, and this post wouldn't be complete without an update on my vehicle situation. We ended up selling the Explorer at a dealer auction and then purchasing a Chevy Trailblazer for me at yet another dealer auction. Three weeks after the Explorer kicked the can, I now call this baby mine:

(Disclaimer: No, this is not my actual vehicle. It's a random picture of my vehicle from Google. Mine is currently buried under about 3 feet of snow in the driveway, ha.)

It's so wonderful to finally have my independance back. Whoo!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wonderful, Just Wonderful.


The transmission on my vehicle (a 2003 Ford Explorer) just died. This was our "family" car, meaning that it was what we drove whenever we took Abigail out. Since I'm with Abbey most often, it was mainly "my" vehicle. Now, I'm stuck at home, with cabin fever nonetheless, and without a vehicle until we can figure out what to do from here.

Mike and I had known that it was starting to have some transmission problems for awhile now and it does have slightly high miles (approximately 109,000), but I'm still upset that it happened. We bought the vehicle used in 2007 and had it paid off shortly thereafter. I was really hoping to get more miles out of it, but at least I can say that I really did run it into the ground.

Mike is hesitant to fix it because of a few other issues it has. (I wish I could tell you exactly what the problems are, but I'm hopeless when it comes to this sort of thing. It has to do with the rear suspension....or something.) He's worried that we'll dump the money into the transmission only to have something else major go. At that point, we'd end up dumping more money into the Explorer than it's worth.

Luckily, we do have three other vehicles that we can use to get by: one is Mike's Pontiac Firebird that is currently in storage for the winter, a plow truck, and a Saturn something-or-other that Mike uses to drive to work since it gets fabulous gas mileage and he has a long commute. Since the Firebird can't be driven in the winter (and it's a standard so I can't drive it even if I wanted to) and Mike needs the Saturn, it looks like I'll be driving the plow truck - with the plow itself taken off, thank goodness, or I'd never be able to park it - for the time being.

Since his dad owns several car businesses, Mike will most likely attempt to sell the Explorer as-is at a dealer auction that his dad often frequents. At least then we should be able to get some money for the darned thing without having to put more money into it. We'll probably start looking for another "family" vehicle shortly afterwards as well.

Ugh. This is so NOT the way I wanted to go about buying a new car.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A "Hoot" of a Good Time!

This past Saturday, Mike and I celebrated Abigail's 1st Birthday with our closest friends and family. It went off without a hitch and we all had a blast! I'll be completely honest here and admit that getting things ready for her party was the most fun I've had in quite awhile.

As you may have guessed from the preview of her party invitations that I posted last month, the theme was, " Look WHOOO's turning one!" (think, lots of cute little owls). Now that the party's over, I can't seem to part with all of the adorable decorations so I plan on packing them away in Abbey's memory box for her to look at in the future.

You should probably know going foward that this post will be extremely picture/video heavy. Consider yourself warned!

(P.S. I apologize for the crappy quality of some of the pictures. It appears that our camera may be on it's last legs. Le sigh. )

First, the decorations:

A very happy Abigail with Mike:

She played with her toys while waiting for all of her guests to arrive. I attempted several times to get a decent picture of her entire outfit, but I failed miserably.

She was NOT happy about having to wear her hat.

She was MUCH happier about eating her cake, however.

The finished product...

And now, for the videos!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Abigail!

Exactly one year ago today, our daughter, Abigail Grace, was born at 2:18 pm and changed our lives forever.

Happy 1st Birthday, my big girl! Mommy and daddy love you to the moon and back!

P.S. Her party is on Saturday, so stay tuned for lots of pictures!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to 2011!

Reflecting back on 2010, it becomes clear that it was quite the year for our family. We had our first child in January, Mike received a promotion at work in May, I made the decision to quit my job to become a SAHM in June, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in July, and we found out in November that we're expecting our second child. So much has changed that it seems infinitely hard to believe that only a few years ago we were newlyweds who were just starting out. We've been extremely blessed and continue to be blessed each and every day.

On that note, I'm greatly looking foward to the new year and all of the surprises, good or bad, that it may hold for us.

Here's to a fabulous 2011!