Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Pure Heaven Looks Like

The infamous Cold Stone cupcakes. Do they even need further explanation? And yes, this is exactly how I spent my Friday night :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

8 DPO and I've Got Nothin'

Welcome to the insanity! This waiting to test crap is killing me. After my continued temp. increase yesterday at 7 DPO, I was starting to feel pretty darn hopeful about this cycle given our awesome timing. Then this morning at 8 DPO, my temp. decreased a bit again and now I'm back to feeling very unsure. It's not looking terrible at this point, but it's not looking convincing yet either. Yes, I realize that it is still very early and that nothing definitive can be determined from my chart as of yet, but since it's our first cycle of TTC, I'll admit that I'm overanalyzing everything. It looks like I'll just need to wait and see what tomorrow's temp. does.

Up until this point, I haven't had any phantom symptoms to speak of - just very sore boobs and cramping off and on. Fast foward to last night where I suddenly felt exhauted and fell asleep on the couch around 7:30. Then this morning I woke up feeling quite nauseous, a feeling which has not yet subsided. I'm sure I'm just coming down with something, but it's always fun to dream!

So for all of you out there who love to stalk charts, here it is:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ahh....the beautiful sound of birds chirping.

This morning while sitting in front of the computer paying some bills and drinking my daily cup of coffee, I was delighted to hear the sound of birds chirping outside the window for the first time in literally months. The temperature has finally been in the 40's here throughout the last week and we've even had two days in a row of nothing but sunshine. Spring is on it's way! After the winter we had this year with a record-breaking amount of snowfall, I'm very much looking foward to it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My First Post

Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself - I'm Stacey and I'm 25 years old. I married the absolute love of my life on July 22, 2006. We had met our freshman year of high school in 1998, started dating our senior year in 2001, and have been together ever since! We adopted our dog, Louis (pronounced "Louie" - yes, I have a Louis Vuitton fetish, so sue me), on Valentine's Day in 2006 and he's currently 3 years old. After 7 lonnnng years of school with a few breaks in between, I'll be graduating this August with my BA degree in Finance. I'm planning to sit for the Certified Financial Planner exam this November and start graduate school in the fall of 2010 to work towards my MBA in investments.

My husband, Mike (also 25), and I have been talking about having children for quite a long time. After much discussion, we decided to postpone TTC until after school was done this year since I have been taking a full-time courseload on top of working full-time (aka. LOTS of stress for me). Starting in January of 2009 I began charting my cycle while we were TTA to get into the habit and to learn as much as possible about my cycle. By mid-cycle in February, Mike mentioned that he's ready to stop TTA and see what happens. I'm thrilled! As of today, I'm on CD 27 and 6 DPO of our first cycle TTC. I ovulated quite a few days later this cycle than last, but we still managed to have fantastic timing. I'm patiently waiting until I can test. I guess only time will tell if we were successful!