Thursday, March 17, 2011

Team Pink...Again!

I'm still in shock - we're having another girl! I was so convinced that Deuce was going to be a boy that it hardly feels real. I'm ecstatic for Abigail that she will grow up with a sister so close in age as that had always been something I'd yearned for as a child. Coincidentally, this means we practically have everything we'll need for the new baby; another WIN for our budget.

I don't recall whether I had posted about the previous agreement Mike and I had regarding the number of children we ultimately wanted. In case I haven't, the plan was that if our second child was a boy, we'd consider our family complete. If, however, our second child was another girl, we'd try a third, and last, time for a baby boy. Even though we've held this agreement since before Abigail was born, we've waivered back and forth on it since. However, we both feel that we do now ultimately want three children so it looks like we're not quite done yet! Who knows, we might just end up with 3 under 3. Yikes!

At my appointment, we were able to hear a healthy heartbeat of 144 bpm and Deuce (I promise we'll come up with a real name sometime soon) measured right on schedule. I do have to go back on March 30th for a repeat ultrasound, however, since the baby was in an awkward position and the tech couldn't get all of the proper measurements she needed.

Here are some 4D picutes from the scan:

And, since I haven't posted any belly pics since about 12 weeks, here's a recent one for good measure:



Congratulations on another baby girl!!! You look great by the way! Can't wait to hear what you come up with for her name. :)

Heather R.

Congrats on baby girl Deuce and you look fabulous!


congrats!!! and you're so right about the budget thing! My 2u2 are boy/girl, so of course, I had to go out and buy so many new things. yikes! hoping your last 20 weeks are smooth sailing!

The Gilmores

You look great, Congratulations! I have followed your blog for a while but never commented so Hello as well : )

Cant wait to hear about the name!


Congratulations on another girl. We're going to have 3, it was our original number regardless of what the first two sexes of our children were. But I do have two boys and I am hoping for our third to be a girl.

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