Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lastest Home Project

Since it's finally stopped raining and it's no longer 90 degrees outside (pure hell for a pregnant woman), we've decided to start working on some minor projects on the outside of our new home. Unfortunately, since we're still working on the inside at the moment and will need to focus on the nursery shortly, all large outdoor projects will have to wait until next summer. For now, we're thinking small.

My project for last night consisted of painting the porch railings from black to white. The black was very rusted and chipped and, quite frankly, looked like crap. Please don't mind the lack of landscaping or the crappy condition of the front porch and screen door - those are on the mile-long list of things to tackle next summer. The porch itself used to be a dull, tan concrete-like color. Mike used a gray concrete stain last month to brighten it up a bit.

I forgot to take a true "before" picture, but here are the railings after the first coat was applied to the left hand side:

Here are both of the railings after their first coats of paint. I'll still need to add at least one more coat tonight.

Eventually, we're thinking about knocking down the odd brick structure on the left of the porch and expanding the stairs so that they open up into a semi-circle towards the driveway. We could then put some sort of decorative pillar in place to hold up the awning (to take the place of the two white beams you see there now).


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