Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've Officially Lost It

I think I've officially lost my mind. I think I want to TTC baby #2 sometime this year rather than waiting until mid-2011 as we originally planned.

I suppose it's not entirely my fault for thinking such crazy thoughts - I'm blaming Mike for this one. He's been the one bringing it up over and over again this past week which, if you think about it, is pretty funny considering he was the one that took awhile to warm up to the idea of TTC the first time around. I was simply joking around and mentioned how weird it's going to feel to use birth control again after so long (I just got the go-ahead for sexy time again from my OB yesturday) and his response went something like this, "We already have one baby. What's the point in birth control now? Why not have all of our kids as close in age as possible and just be done sooner rather than later?". He was dead serious.

My initial reaction was "Oh, heck no!" and I really wanted to wait until next year as we had discussed earlier. However, the more I think about it and the more time I spend with Abbey, the more I'm starting to think that I wouldn't mind having our kids so close in age. I'm now beginning to think that I'd like to TTA until June (since 9 months from then I'd be eligible for FMLA again) and then just stop preventing to let things happen on their own.

I can totally see rooms with white padded walls in my future...



Being pregnant with a baby already is far harder than just being pregnant. I hope that Abby is a great sleeper for you; maybe if Conner was a great sleeper, I would have been more excited about #2.


My only advice is to wait until Abbey is mobile to make that decision. I am expecting baby #2 the month DS turns two. Before DS was mobile, I would have said bring on the kids. Now that he is a terror, I have no idea what I am going to do with two of them. Good Luck on whatever you decide!


I *totally* went through this after I had DS1, and I think a lot of new mothers go through it. I did get pg again with DS2 when DS1 was 10 months and and in all honesty I wish I would have waited about six months more.

But to each their own!

Abbey is beautiful by the way!

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