Monday, April 19, 2010

The Baptism

As Mike and I are both practicing Catholics, we have always felt very strongly about getting Abbey baptised. With the way Easter fell this year and the dates our church had available, she was finally baptised this past Sunday, April the 18th.

Since we have such a large family and the church is literally a two minute drive from our house, we had the brilliant (note the sarcasm) idea to have everyone over for lunch afterwards. This has meant that I spent the entire past week scrubbing every nook and cranny of our home - yes, I'm woman enough to admit that it hadn't been thoroughly cleaned since before Abbey was born. Not only did I need to clean, but I also had to figure out what to serve our friends and family that were planning to attend - all 38 of them. I eventually ended up purchasing a few mini sandwich trays from a local grocery store and took everyone who asked up on their offer to bring a dish. Throw in a cake and some ice cream and we were set.

As luck would have it, Abbey was a complete cranky pants Sunday morning and we ended up running a bit late to the church. I looked like a hot mess by the time we actually got there; all of our guests had arrived several minutes before us. My hair was a mess, I didn't have time to grab the cute pair of heels that I had picked out, yadda...yadda...yadda.

Fortunately, Abbey's attitude improved and she managed to do great during the ceremony. When the priest first poured the water over her head, she cringed and I prepared myself for the worst. Abbey, however, seemed to notice the ceiling fans that had been switched on in the seconds that followed, so, by some miraculous blessing, her urge to scream quickly subsided.

Once the ceremony was over, we all posed for some family pictures. It was so nice to have all three of us in a picture for once!

Lastly, this picture just melts my heart. Can you believe that it's the first picture of Mike and Abbey together since the day I gave birth?!



Congratulations! So sweet!

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