Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enfamil vs. Target

Since the time I stopped breastfeeding at around 2-3 weeks PP, we have had Abigail on Enfamil Premium Lipil formula. It's been great for her and we've been extremely lucky that she didn't develop the same allergy to milk as her mommy (I was on very expensive soy formula as baby), but HOLY MOSES is this stuff expensive! A 23.4 oz. container runs anywhere from $23-25 depending on the retailer and we're now up to using a can and a half of formula a week.

I'm sure you can do the math. Alas, the cost is only going to climb from here.

After reading many awesome reviews about the product, we've decided to switch her to the Target Up-&-Up brand. We decided to try the version that is supposedly comparable to Enfamil Gentlease to prevent gas and spit-up issues at less than $15 per 24 oz. container. Honestly, it's been wonderful. Abbey didn't seem to notice a difference in the slightest and we've had no apparent tummy troubles as a result of the switch. I personally don't believe she is spitting up any less per se, but she does exhibit significantly less gas.

So for any FF'ing mommies out there who are considering making a switch, I give an enthusiastic two thumbs up for the Target Up-&-Up formula.



We used Target brand too when we finally found something that worked, enfamil sensitive. A cousin referred us to the target brand and it was the exact same for Ian. No problems. We used it from about 4 months until he turned 12 months old. Love it! Plus, if you buy it online from the target site it is a little cheaper by the case. We also noticed depending on your location different stores had it cheaper. The store 20 mins from us sold it $3 less than our local store 5 mins away. And Target was giving out Up & Up coupons every now and then that would save a few dollars as well.


Good to know. I am still EBF, but my supply has tanked recently due to a stomach bug, so I may be joining the FF group soon. Thanks for keeping me in the know. :)

Oh and I love her little jeans in the 3month picture! Too cute! :)


We used the Member's Mark(Sam's store brand) formula that compares to Enfamil. Our daughter had reflux and she did really well on it. Forty dollars a month was way better than the alternative also.

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