Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Four Months Old!

(Yeah, so I'm few days late in posting this...)

The past month of Abigail's life has been a blast! She fully interacts with Mike and I now and is even starting to show a bit of interest in Louis as well. Despite all the trials and tribulations I've been facing lately, it's always a joy to walk to her crib every morning and see her beautiful, smiling face. I tell ya, her silly laugh can cure all the world's ills!

All-in-all, she's an excellent baby. She's very easy going and only cries when she's tired or hungry. It's been so interesting to see her personality develop as well as her looks. From the beginning, I really felt like Abbey resembled me. Now, the more I see her with Mike, the more I think she's become his mini-me.

Here's what Abigail's been up to over the past month:
  • She's developed quite the belly laugh!
  • Her cheeks, arms, and legs are getting SO chubby. I love it!
  • She's started "talking" gibberish to us and will squeal loudly when she's happy.
  • She now sleeps for 8.5 consecutive hours each night - whoo hoo!
  • She's started the terrible teething phase. There are three spots on her gums (2 on top and 1 on the bottom) where you can feel her teeth just about to break through. She hasn't seemed to be in pain much, but she does make some silly faces to show that she's uncomfortable.
  • She easily rolls from her tummy to her back and is just about ready to roll from her back to her tummy. She rolls to her side and just as she's about to roll all the way over, she gets stuck and rolls back.
  • Walking her in the stroller has become a challenge as she has now learned to grip things with her hands and likes to play "fetch" with mommy by throwing her toys, paci, etc. out of the stroller while we're walking.
  • While she still fits in some newborn clothing, she's now wearing mostly 0-3. All of the 3 month clothes are still huge on her.
  • She's still wearing size 1 diapers although I plan on switching her to size 1-2 once we use up the last box of size 1's that we have.

Here's Abbey after her photoshoot just playing in her new tutu:



SOOO Cute!! I love the tutu...where did you get it? Esty?

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