Wednesday, June 24, 2009

12 Weeks

Is it odd that I'm thrilled the little baby in my Babystrology ticker to the right actually looks like a real, live baby this week? For some reason, hitting 12 weeks feels like a major milestone for me. There's really nothing special that happens during the 12th week of pregnancy per se but it still feels like it should be important. Maybe it's knowing that in a week and half, I'll have successfully completed the 1st Trimester. Or, maybe it's finally hitting the 3 month pregnancy mark - I'm not certain. Either way, I feel truly blessed to have made it here.

For entertainment's sake, I think I should mention that I had my first encounter with lightning crotch this morning. Holy OWWW! For anyone out there questioning whether or not what you've experienced thus far has been the ever-famous lighting crotch, believe me when I say that if you have, you'd know. There's no questioning it. Aside from that fun experience, I feel OK. I'm hungry more often than in the past but no where near as nauseous. I wouldn't say that I'm tired exactly, but rather, it's more that I have so little energy that I can barely force myself to breathe by about 3:00 in the afternoon (I'm sure the hot weather has only been adding to this). My belly is starting to harden a bit and is slowly becoming more noticeable. Hopefully, within the next few weeks I'll finally have a belly to actually post some pictures of.


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