Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finger Foods

Since solids have been going extremely well in our home, we've decided to start Abigail on some finger foods to see how she would do. To be honest, I was originally planning to hold off on finger foods until she was about 9 months or so, but she surprised me by mastering her pincer grasp a bit early.

Anyway, as we've had her on an all organic diet thus far and I don't plan to deviate from that diet anytime soon, I decided to start her on the Happy Baby organic brand products. For some variety, I purchased both the puffs and the yogurt melts (as an aside, I wish my little gummy bear would grow some teeth already so that we could move on to "real" finger foods). We've been feeding her organic Greek yogurt mixed with fruit for breakfast occasionally and she's loved it, so I already knew that the yogurt melts would be a hit. I wasn't positive how she would take to the puffs.

She's been doing pretty well with both. They're great to take along as a quick snack while I'm running errands and they're quick to keep her occupied temporarily when she starts to get fussy while we're out. The yogurt melts tend to get a bit messy as they melt very quickly and if Abbey's hands are the slightest bit wet, they get sticky immediately. The puffs are wonderful - even the dog likes the ones that Abigail has dropped on the floor for him. My only complaint with them is that the lid to the containter doesn't seal well and has fallen off in the diaper bag spilling puffs everywhere. It's much easier to just dump them in a baggy when taking them on the road.

I've also recently started adding tofu to Abbey's diet to increase her protein intake. I've found that small cubes of tofu make excellent finger food as well. It's soft enough where she can gum on it until she can swallow it and it somewhat disintegrates once she's gotten it in her mouth. As tofu can get somewhat messy, this snack works best when she's in her highchair with a bib on.

We're one step closer to entirely self-feeding!


Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife

I'm making a mental note on the tofu thing. I don't think I would have thought of that as a protein for a toothless baby!

Also, I tagged you in a survey:

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