Thursday, November 11, 2010

'Tis (Almost) the Season

Last Saturday we had our first professional photoshoot as a family. We needed some pictures for our Christmas cards and since Abigail's birthday is so close to Christmas, I've decided that this will be a tradition for us going foward so that we can at least get pro pics of her once a year.

Here are some of my favorites:

I used them to make this from Shutterfly (our Christmas card for 2010):

It seems so hard to believe that I'm already thinking about Christmas. I ordered Abbey's stocking the other day to match the rest of our family's and have actually started shopping for gifts as well. I've even caught myself singing Christmas carols throughout the day. I can't wait for the holidays!

P.S. My interview yesturday went fabulously. I met with the woman who currently holds the position I applied for (she got a promotion at the hospital) and two senior VP's of Regional Health Services. I wasn't nervous at all and feel that I answered all their questions confidently. They said they still have a few more interviews to wrap up so I should hear something back within the next week to two weeks. I guess we'll just wait and see what happens from here.



I am a guilty blog lurker here! I just wanted to tell you that Abigail is adorable! I love her little outfit. Do you mind sharing where you purchased it. We are getting ready to do family pictures here soon and I am trying to outfit us in something that is not matchy matchy, but still flows together. The pictures came out great!


Hi Michele!

Thanks for all your kind words. I purchased her outfit from Gymboree, but it was towards the end of summer so I don't believe they still carry it. You may have some luck on eBay though. Good luck and I hope your pictures turn out great!

Mama Dew

oh your card is SO cute!! I have that one picked out as a possibility for us too!


The one of you and Abigail is very cute!


i love the one of you and Abigail!! did you happen to see my blog about the 50 free shutterfly prints? you should sign up for it! i think it's still going on - ALSO, i gave you an award :)



I hadn't seen that about the Shutterfly prints. Good to know! And thank you for the award!

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