Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Thanksgiving Pics

On Thanksgiving Day, the three of us woke up early to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on tv for the first time as a family. Abbey loved listening to the music while the various performers were on. She even started dancing when certain songs would play!

We then headed off to my brother's house in Forestville, NY for dinner. My SIL is the world's best cook and made the entire dinner from scratch. As she does every year, she also made everyone at least one pie of their own to take home and enjoy later on.

My other brother who lives in Wisconsin drove in with his family for the holiday. His girlfriend had a baby born almost exactly one month before Abigail so I was able to capture some adorable moments of the two playing together for the very first time:

Here's Abbey playing with her cousin Zynnia:

And here's Abbey wearing her "big sister" shirt:

We ended up telling Mike's parents the night before Thanksgiving since we weren't able to meet up with them on the actual holiday. Mike's mom wanted us to meet her out for a few drinks that night, so we ended up having her guess why I was drinking water instead of alcohol. It took her a second as she figured it was because Abigail had been sick and I'd been up all night taking care of her the night before. Once Mike said, "No, it's because of the other baby...", it totally clicked for her. She was so thrilled that she started jumping up and down!

My family is a bit slower on the uptake, however. It took them forever to notice Abigail's shirt! Eventually, I told my mom that Abbey wore a special shirt just for her. Even then, it took her forever to put the pieces together. Thank goodness my brothers are a little quicker, they helped her out. It was a fabulous day!

Over the long weekend, we decided to Abbey to the Festival of the Trees and Santa's Castle. She was only really interested in the tree decorated with stuffed puppies, but she really enjoyed the live dance troupe that was there:

Lastly, she got to meet Santa for the very first time. After staring him down for several seconds, she decided that she wasn't a fan.

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday!



glad you had a great day. she looks adorable in her shirt. Congrats, again!


So sweet! I was paging you the other day to see how it went. So happy for you guys, and I just LOVE Abby, she is so adorable!

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