Friday, March 13, 2009

WTF Chart?

I have no idea what is going on this cycle. My chart started out fairly similar to last month's and now, it looks as if I may have ovulated on CD 8- I'm only on CD 10 now and typically don't ovulate until somewhere between CD 17-21! My temperature on CD 5 is throwing things off a bit since I forgot to adjust my alarm clock for Daylight Savings before going to bed the night before and I ended up temping late. It's really all going to depend on what my temp. does tomorrow morning at this point.

While our timing would still be good, I don't want to have O'd yet! LoL. I really wanted to give pre-seed a chance this cycle and it hasn't even arrived yet. I've had some watery CM thus far, but no EWCM to speak of, which is the main reason I hope my chart is just psyching me out - good timing doesn't necessarily mean squat if there's no CM to help out. Since I've been drinking green tea at least once a day since AF this cycle, that seems odd to me seeing as I normally have at least one day of prominent EWCM and green tea is supposed to aid in CM production. If I do end up ovulating early this time around, I'm thankful that we've been sure to have sex once a day this week, however, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that my temp. drops tomorrow and keeps the crosshairs away.

For anyone wondering, here's what I'm talking about:


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