Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeling Anxious

T - 2 days until testing. I have no clue as to what this cycle may bring. My temps. have been all over the place, I've had two now below my coverline, and most are not 100% reliable this time around, so I can't place much faith in my chart right now. I'm actually starting to think there may be something wrong with my BBT since my temps. have been jumping around so much - we're talking over a 1 degree difference from one day to the next and the BBT was beeping to signal it was done within mere seconds of being in my mouth. I've had to temp again immediately afterwards when that's occured and even though I know those temps. aren't necessarily accurate, it's been the only way to get temperatures that even remotely make sense.

On a positive note, my temperature this morning (11 DPO) was still pretty high. Since I couldn't get an accurate temp. yesturday at 10 DPO, I didn't enter anything on my chart. However, today's temperature is only down slightly from 9 DPO and this is the highest it's been on 11 DPO out of all four cycles thus far. Without having anything entered for 10 DPO, it's difficult to know if this is a gradual decline in my temps. or if it's a good sign instead. I suppose I'll just have to wait it out and see what tomorrow brings.

Mike will be going out of town Thursday afternoon until Friday evening and FF's suggested test date is on Thursday, so at least he'll be home in the morning if and when I test for moral support either way. This cycle has been very hard on me emotionally so I'm really just hoping and praying for the best.


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